The Fifties, with Antacids. Superhero Special Forces Detectives going through Stargates to track down Killers in a Gritty Wacky World.

Think of the group as FBI agents except interplanetary instead of interstatilly.. So more like an Interpol Agent, really. And with super powers…

The Agency you work for is called the M.I.N.I.S.T.R.Y., it’s rather disconnected from it’s actual agents (plausible deniability taken to an extreme; they know you exist, and they give you general goals to accomplish, they check in every so often to see how your doing. Between that they have no effect on you or other Agency groups). Don’t expect to go crying to the ministry if another agency group sends assasins after you cause you jumped their case -not that that ever happens [see what I did there? Plausible Deniability].

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