ELZ #1 Nightmares and Tin Cans

[[Mr. T Bags]] introduces the murder thus: “An interplanetary merchant has been murdered.”

he describes the man “He’s a dealer in esoteric religious materials I believe.”

“His shop is a mere block away from ”/campaign/elz/wikis/Stargate%20Station/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Stargate Station, so certainly it could be related to the gate and so it falls under our purview." “Given the nature of the crime it would certainly be good if we could wrap it up quickly and electrocute the guy that did it.”

The First (and ‘only’?) Murder

At the Proprietor’s Shop on Earth, the Proprietor was shot by Jimbo Wayland. One of Jimbo’s three clerk friends is in the crowd [his name’s Bowie Franklin]. Victor showed up with bruises saying he knew the victim [possibly a lie].

Inside, the body is in a chair, with cuts all over him. He was tortured. There’s a chair opposite him that was knocked over and the glass cases were all broken (as were the lights). In the corner a vinyl record is still trying to play but it’s past it’s end.

  • The Coroner says he only died within hours (exactly 3; just before sundown).
  • The First on the scene was a man named George who happened to be walking by and saw the bloody footprints leading out of the shop.
  • A successful search of the place found a small child I will call Timmy for conveniences sake hiding in the closet’s secret compartment. He’s deep in shock and William J. Tatternacky took him to the hospital to check up on him, he was in shock.

Jimbo’s House

A regular clerk’s house. A white picket fence house. Except in the basement there’s a giant circular symbol on the ground. There’s bills in his trash for getting a tattoo, in addition to a careful drawing of his tattoo.

Tracking him down

Included a moment where Dean James ineffectually tortured Victor [with a urinal]. Before and during which he questioned him about Jimbo Wayland and such, this resulted in Victor finding out that Dean didn’t know where Jimbo was, but was unvictorious for Dean (disregarding any possible sadistic pleasure). This was stopped after the police reported Jimbo been seen going on a Stargate train just after he murdered the Proprietor.

Also included sortof almost taking Father John into Cheeseburger headquarters [Something That’s Been Invented??? What? That’s Amazing!].

In the end Victor and two of Jimbo’s three clerk friends were tied up and left tied to the toilets at Cheeseburger. [Specifically Pinkerton George and Bowie Franklin were the clerks].

Also notably included Sam Jenkins and [insert Douglas’ character’s name] frightening Bowie Franklin rather extremely (to the point where he was cowering on the ground hiding his face and trembling in fear).

Off World

Prince Richard ruler of Bridgewater, he greets people when they arrive through the Gate, and upon hearing of Ministry representatives insists that they dine with him immediately. No Mister Bond I Want You to Dine!.

They eat the banquet he then gives them the sales pitch on the his scheme to rule the world Just Between You And Me. No violence or anything.

Followed by searching, and a confrontation with two Hand Agents in which one of them had his brains blown out (accounts conflict as to whether this was self-inflicted or murder; well at least they did until the surviving agent fell down an apparently bottomless pit in Prince Richard’s dinning room]. At which point Dean James pointed a gun at Prince Richard which he tried to push away but Dean stopped him, incidentally throwing the elderly royal across the room and onto the floor floor burn!.

Then the cavalry arrived! … And arrested Dean and William [Will?]. They also took Prince Richard to the hospital and treated him royally.

Where [Douglas’s character] saw them arrive. He then went and bought ‘ordinary clothing’ at Disguises Are Us and then checked each of the motels in the area and found out that Jimbo hadn’t been to any of them. While Jenkins -who FYI had been shot by Fred [Hand Agent that didn’t die -until the bottomless pit recovered from the immediate problems of his injury and went and followed where Dean [Daniel] and William [Alex] had been following Jimbo’s path through the city (FYI he had had a 12 hour headstart in the first place).

Knocking on a random residential building’s front door Sam [David] met a… probably a person, who definitely had at least one large blue eyeball, and who he then engaged in conversation through a closed door. A conversation composed of riddles and suchfortheries {oh come on, that’s not misspelled but headstart is heads tart?}.


After escaping from prison Dean and William, interrupting a cult sacrifice with knives with guns, went about trying to stop the Tin Can from being opened, this was ultimately unsuccessful and 7 of the 8 cultists were downed, while a large number of random civilians were sacrified to the Can, though one of the cultists was kind enough to surrender and Dean (barely) managed to save one of the innocents from the sacrifice. After which all of the sacrifices and several of the (mostly dead) cultists were destroyed in a yellow cloud which then congregated into one spot and turned into a man who glew yellow and had glowing yellow eyes. Then William shut the door.

P.S. A random warehouse burned to the ground in a furnace of a fire.

Note: at one point a person in the shadows threw a trashcan at Tatternacky.


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