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The Fifties, with Antacids. Superhero Special Forces Detectives going through Stargates to track down Killers in a Gritty Wacky World.

Think of the group as FBI agents except interplanetary instead of interstatilly.. So more like an Interpol Agent, really. And with super powers…

The Agency you work for is called the M.I.N.I.S.T.R.Y., it’s rather disconnected from it’s actual agents (plausible deniability taken to an extreme; they know you exist, and they give you general goals to accomplish, they check in every so often to see how your doing. Between that they have no effect on you or other Agency groups). Don’t expect to go crying to the ministry if another agency group sends assasins after you cause you jumped their case -not that that ever happens [see what I did there? Plausible Deniability].

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The Stargates were discovered three four something h‘undred ye-a-rs ago. Sending energy through massive mirrors opens portals to other planets. Why didn’t Archimedes think of that? Anyway, due to the energy requirements they weren’t used much, but they were a good place to go to after everywhere else had been colonized (by everywhere I mean on land. This is the 50s, hardly any of the ocean has been explored). Anyway, they have long since been built onto a locomotive infrastructure, since the ‘Gates can only be kept open so long (each second takes energy) trains are brought up to high speeds before their opened then they go through the ‘Gate all at once. There’s only one gate on Earth (unless your a conspiracy theorist, then there’s two. Or your a crackpot, then there’s one, but there use to be another one that was destroyed to stop aliens from invading; As if anything cool like aliens would ever exist in reality. Pah!).

After the Scripts (for the TV series that’s reality) were leaked everyone who wasn’t on them started to wear Red Shirts. This has been the status que since… Well, actually that only happened last week, but I’m sure it’ll stick! Red is so in fashion! (You guys are all on the Scripts, as is Mr. T Bag and loads of other people; there are thousands of pages to the Scripts). ‘Thousands’ doesn’t really describe it, there are (usually) hundreds of pages to each script, and there’s more then one script every day so there are more like hundreds of thousands of pages (not that anyone’s counted; ‘honestly’).

The Scripts are a seemingly ordinary set of scripts for a TV radio drama like series series except the characters are real people and the events they say are going to happen seem to be happening. They were “leaked” over the internet web talk radio Fax Machines The Post.

And most everyone has been taking them rather seriously, The M.I.N.I.S.T.R.Y. started to hire superhumans to go through the gate and investigate murders because the scripts said to and people all over are wearing red all over because the’re not on the scripts. The M.I.N.I.S.T.R.Y. didn’t used to do silly walks, that’s from the scripts also (Mr. T Bags used to be Mr. Theodore Baggage as well).

It’s important to note that the scripts have some not so wonderful things happening, but they also have a happy ending that’s good for the Ministry (thus their happy to go along with them).

It’s also important to note that the Scripts have a lot of seemingly random events in them, which don’t seem to have any consequence or importance to… well, anything. Hundreds of people filled times square to dance and sing a musical number becuase the scripts said to even though there didn’t seem to be any reason to, and most of what the scripts say seem to be similarly inconsequential (like Mr T Bags’ name and the Silly Walks; which do technically make Ministry officials walk slightly slower on average, if that’s a consequential effect). These events are much like real world flash mobs except generally bigger and longer.

The President is William Mckinley, with Harry S. Truman as his vice. The Campaign’s based in Los Angeles California US America Earth.

Amphojel Tablets

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